Da Hee Lee

Artist Statement

I have created a process that translates musical scores into visual scores. I primarily use Bach’s music to visually explore something new that can be obtained from the music, such as patterns and compositional possibilities. I translate the elements of music to colour, shape, contrast and chroma, to make a visual score. My process is objective with subjective undertones of choices to express the sensations of the music rather than one dimension translation.


My artwork’s aim is to disassemble and analyse the order, beat, instructions of the performance method, and characteristics of the instrument to visually explore the aesthetic and sensory qualities that can be explored with Bach’s music. The audience can engage with the pieces of art to understand the complexity and mathematical formulas that Bach has explored in his compositions. I disassemble and analyse the music in its beat, performance method, and timbre. I draw from the music to best describe the force, position, colour, length, form and context of the note must all be considered in a comprehensive manner. The layout is determined by a structure that reflects the pattern, flow, and composition of the visually transferred notes, such as fugues are explored in the best possible way to express the counterpoint. I have primarily chosen watercolour as my medium to describe piano music due to its flatness and ease of controlling the density of colour.


When confining time to the concept of space, the hidden principle of the music can be grasped. A new third genre between music and art would be implemented, one that can visually express the music in order to make it more comprehensible and appreciated. Recently I collaborate musicians who interpret my scores in an attempt to find new possibilities of performance and recording.



Contact Details


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