Helena Fong

Artist Statement


My practise explores the meaning, limitations, and cognitive possibilities of bodies. Also the ambivalence and swirling vortex of irrational behaviour is shown by multiple mad and distorted nude figures.The struggle and crazy emotion arises from the fact the people know but seem to indulge in continuing the current living style without the motivation of change, struggle like falling into the whirlpool it is difficult to extricate themselves and dragging us down to the disastrous consequence brought, and inspired by Renaissance painting. I always tend to use alcohol-based paint as it is such a versatile medium to use and evolution which I always study using different potency of paint and alcohol, the time of inject apply and the type of surface. I am fond of using alcohol-base paints as it has strong penetrative power and dry very quickly to steady the form. Also, the ratio of alcohol to colour will effect the render and degree of accuracy. I currently explores sense of 3-dimensional of making transparent figures in jelly wax, the translucent reveal other figures and become a mince lofty mountain.  


Contact Details


T: +44 7453576523

I: @helenafongfongfong

E: helenafong00@gmail.com

W: www.helenafong00.com