Niamh Moloney

Artist Statement


Disembodiment and anxiety are constraints within which many of us live. Sometimes conscious of its strangling iron grip and other times not. Awareness of this condition is the first step in seeking release from its repressive nature of control. Release from the perceived supremacy of rational thought over the wisdom of our physical and emotional bodies. Embracing our individual rich internal landscape of sensation that can root us back to our Selves and to each Other.



Utilising a variety of materials, I explore the deep connection between mind, body and spirit. Drawing is central to this as a core method to decolonise my body of anxiety; to decolonise myself of the misconception that self-worth is gained through mechanical efficiency and productivity. This release is sought by means of body movement and gestures that manifest as drawings and sculptures. Often using the simple actions of push, pull, touch and pressure.


Contact Details


T: +447496 484 964


I: @niamhmol