Nicky Cornwell

Artist Statement


Caught up in the principle of creativity as novelty, time spent in the studio is an impulsive and playful process led activity, a mercurial pattern of restlessness and absorption, of contradictory urges and persistent inclinations. It is this constant state of making, of becoming, in response to materials, ideas and intuitions that is beguiling and leads to invention and an imaginative, emotional interior world.


The sensuality of wax, graphite, clay and oil paint lend themselves to this shape-shifting/form-finding activity that encompasses drawing, painting, object making and assembling. The elements/objects generated eventually submit to a kind of orchestrated entropic state, which, even then, is often provisional.


Resolution is elusive and the work merely a point of departure and subject to further change, reflecting perhaps on a world and mind in perpetual flux.


A personal sensitivity and curiosity towards the natural world and the elemental nature of matter acts as a catalyst, permeates the work, and is an essential ingredient.


Contact Details


T: +447870167966

I: @nickycornwell