Rosie Galloway-Smith

Artist Statement


My current work explores emotionality through materiality, physical processes of disintegration, and indexing of materials. I create my own artefacts with construction/decorating materials and clothes, looking at their shared connotations of shelter/skin and as ciphers for the physical human body, and the processes of dereliction taking place with both over time.

By transforming the clothing through cutting, sewing, and applying concrete and paint I change them into a form that negates their usefulness and draws attention to their individual character as real objects in themselves, as quasi-religious relics that provoke a sense of uncanniness. The use of gold coloured paint and materials explores ideas of power, divinity and disillusion, visible and hidden through layers of paint.  These pieces are then the focus in macro viewpoint for oil paintings that return them to a less alien state.

My work aims to create an emotional and disconcerted response in its audience, and there is a clear allusion towards death and abjection as well as some attempt to comfort at the same time. I want to build a space for individuals to confront their own responses to death and dereliction and the loss of identity that is inherent to both states/processes.