Shan Shan Jiang

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My work discusses the relationship between people and their environment. I describe people’s feelings towards their surrounding environment from their point of view, and such feelings also reflect an environment where people live their life and exert their influence, as well as the living conditions of people who are influenced by the environment. Through works, I discuss people’s attitudes towards and their feelings such as hesitance, confusion, ignorance, fear, and detachment for the environment. Instead of describing details such as the identity and gender of a character, I focus on his or her value as a “human being”, expressing a person’s feelings with the simplest image. In my works, I consider the lines and ink marks as signs of life, and no matter how ambiguous or clear they are, they embody the fluency and essence of the creation and have feelings, attitudes, and qualities just like those of a person, and they are so pure to the extent of touching one’s soul. What I seek is the art of the soul, an art that reflects the large space of reality and a vision for the future.