Yeonjoo Cho

Artist Statement


My latest paintings started from the question, “Why are female figures not represented in Korean traditional landscape painting?” In Korea and China, landscape painting is not simply regarded as a representation of nature but considered as the highest form of painting, as a language of extraordinary richness and breadth, able to embody the strong emotional, poetic feelings and the profoundest philosophical and metaphysical ideas. Thus, an insight into the figures in Korean traditional landscape paintings is important to understand the context or hidden meanings of these paintings.


However, the problem that I found is, in many cases, the figures who are depicted in Korean landscape painting are Confucian nobility, male figures. And, rarely, I could find a woman but she was only represented as a maid of the nobleman or an unrealistic being like a beautiful Taoist fairy. Therefore, I wanted to change this figure’s gender from man to woman and see how this context can be changed. This is an attempt not only to call attention to the fact that representation of woman was highly stereotyped and limited in Asian art history but also to express my identity as an Asian woman artist.

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