Yu Hsieh

Artist Statement


As a Taiwanese artist I planned to do a creative project which discussed Taiwanese and Scottish politics, because Taiwan and Scotland are  races which are dominated by  world powers and there are controversies about ideologies of independence and unification.


I took the film named “A City of Sadness” as reference to create the works, because this film recorded what happened in 1945 in Taiwan, the last year that the Japanese  colonized Taiwan and the first year for the Republic of China (ROC) to rule Taiwan.


I tried to express about Taiwanese consciousness and the oppression from these world powers which used to colonize or exploit Taiwan. At the same time, I use works to compare and discuss Scottish consciousness and make a conversation between eastern and western.


Contact Details


T: 07835110867

E: jack611102@hotmail.com

W: www.cargocollective.com/YuHsieh